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Investigating a singular and solitary woman

Several years ago, I met an American female photographer in Paris. She had immense talent, yet nobody knew her work: she was as mysterious as a shadow, as radiant as a fairy. A long and deep friendship then developed between us, and it seemed that nothing could have interrupted it. I had no idea that one day this encounter would place me at the center of a beautiful and tragic story.

Autoportrait au triangle

Here I describe how this story unfolds in the form of an episodic narrative, a photographic documentary, in which my words intersect with her images.

Photography lovers will thus be able to discover some of the works of this resolutely solitary and singular woman, Sasha Pabst, totally devoted to her art, who was not led to stray from her path by either anonymity or the disinterest of those she sometimes solicited. The path of a quest for beauty...


Jean-Pierre Krief

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