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It contained the last four shots before the operation she was to undergo.

Her shadow on the ground, just outside the hospital entrance. Like a soft, evanescent, reassuring reflection.

Then, a self-portrait in the elevator leading to the floor she was to reach. A smiling, radiant face, giving off all the calm and generosity she was capable of.

The third and penultimate image shows the sky. Vast, clear, and low, the line of the roofs of Paris. The sky seen from room N ° 507, 5th floor, Montsouris mutual hospital...

Finally, the last photograph: she turns away from the window and discovers from the wall to the door of her room the shadow of her silhouette. All the top of the picture seems plunged into darkness. As if in greeting, she raises her hand towards this black area.

In these four last of Sasha's pictures, I saw a heralding sign.

The beginning of an enigma...


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